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The Hazleton Sentinel from Hazleton, Pennsylvania • 1

The Hazleton Sentinel from Hazleton, Pennsylvania • 1

Hazleton, Pennsylvania
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V- l. 1 It i .1" "-v i ,.,.1 fww '(X i VOL. 250. JULY 30, 1870. .1 PRICE, ONE CE 1 rf Jt I I I WHAT TBI PRESS SHOULD BE.


ftoUnodt. UUtf aittBTOM SAM. 7 PhlUdelphU and Nw Lomber Vrd under the tax of four mills on the dollar on tL- denoes Of debts, bonds, mortgages and tho 1 cover every form under which a debt Is and are so drawn as to Continue tho practice, unf which public corporations, cities and towns deda the local (ax from the coupons on their bonds prr sented for payment by the owners outside of t' State. Mortgages given in the purchases of rt estate are exempted from all but Bute taxation. PARDEE hall of the Future.

In lftfW. havafi vasm after the deAr tion of Pardee Hall on October 21, 1873, the Hall will be dedicated.) The preparatory work the building just burned was in active progretf July, 1872, and to-day, seven years afterward! same active work is being done on the hill. A ready stated in the Free Frets, Messrs. Ho Steihmetz A Co. are engaged with a force of mien in removing the stonework of the building.

At prysent thirty men are but la a few day after the fine Btooe is safely removed, a larger force will be put to work. The contractors are eaoh day besieged by applicants for work, as many as two hundred paving applied in one day. Of course only Easton men are employed, and in a few days those who are now refused will be given wcrk. The work in removing the stone goes slowly, as all the white Ohio sandstone, which is not damaged, will bo osed again, and it is of course desirable to do no damage to the corners. The specifications for the rebuild- ing of the hall have been prepared and demonstrate that the new building will be in every way a fitting successor to the former one.

The buUding com mittee consists of Pardee John Curwen, W. 0. Cattel, T. L. McKeen, James W.

Long andX Hand, The architect is W. L. Plack, class of 76, Lafayette College, at present in though his home is in Altoona, The west wing is to be done by January next and the auditorium by June 15, 1880. The entire work is to be completed' ready for rMdedloation on October 21, 1880. Edtton iFree Frets.

STOCKTON MATTERS. bTOCKTOK, July 29, 1879. If any of your townsmen are fond of hunting snakes, there is an excellent chanoe for such sport around this section. John of Stockton, claims to have seen a snake last week that was about 16 feet long and 6 inches in diameter. Keep working steady here and hope we will continue doing so to the end of the year.

Please allow me to speak a word to a certain delegate who was at the last region meeting. I don't wahttjk 1 9 1 ai a raiiBoaipnw maa avw iors a. urwiB wunouon na Blookton, Ecklejr, Jeddo PhiUdelphU and New York PhilAdlphiAnd Kew York rami Hven, WUkes-Dftrre And iag. rails. LXATB BAZLXTOX WIST.

rombwksn Bonbnry, and All jolnU west. U40A.K. ll.M A. 3:10 k. f.

m. 6:00 p. 13:80 r.v. UAZLETON POST OFFICE. 4 9:80 A.

M. for PhllAdelyhla, Mew York, Bcrantoa sad ntermedUte points. 10:00 A. p. (or JeaneBvil' Tresckow.

Audenrled, Sum-oltStoUon. 11:30 it, tor Jeddo, Eckwy 11-18 Weston mails Including Oonyngham sad Berwick' 1 i 6 r. H. nartclch-Lattinier, MllnesvlUe mni Drama- 3:88 P. for New York and 'Philadelphia.


meeting In he room at 7 dock and cottage meeting. Informal social meeting of members and friends at 3ft p.m. Wednebdat. Library open from 7 to 9 p. at.

Fbiday. Cottage prayer meetings and monthly entertainment for boys' Saturday. Library open from 7 to 9 p. m. Bumday.

Varied deTotionai services at 3J4 in tbe different ohnrebes. Regular menthly bnsineea meeting first Monday Yeniug of tue month, from 8 to 10 p. at. Boom orer Pardee Oo'u. store (TTou are welcome at any of fhese meetings.

600 qto. JiaokleVerriea wanted, at Bwajm's. CTNice freah Bread at Peters', Broad street. Wait for hia wagon. CSTEellmer is a No.

1 artist tests bis merits. His work folly at- C9" Peters, the popular baker, Bells the oheapost and best bread in the market Give him a trial. tST For excellent portraits in crayon, Eellmer is unsurpassed in quality and price, CuTArtiflcial Flowers in rich profusion and at low prices at Miss A M. Gorlock's. Ijy Ostrich Feathers ind a full line of Trimmings, of all sorts, at Miss A M.

Oerlock's, 'Oloe Cream and Cakes served day and evening at Petero Ice Cream Parlors, East Broad street, CarOhew Jackson's Best Sweet Uavy Tobacco. Not 8 1 mention names, as ne win snow, wnen it comas most stylish Hats and Bonnets, trimmed unaer nis eye, wns it is mienaea ror. a lowa say to the gentleman that the miners at Stockton understand the situation at present just as well as, he does, and that they don't propose to be, frightened into a strike by any such radical individuals. If the miners at the several collieries would more thought and send delegates with more conservative views to represent them at meetings, wo wouldTnot be so. liable to get? into unnecessary and unwise strikes.

As for the man who writes to the Hazleton Skntinel, I will say what he writes he considers pnoNOOEAPflia ciiiPfl. A scorcher yesterday. How the butter sweats. 1 Jersey watermelons are about Baseball players are on strike. Gov.

Hoyt has been confined to his room with illness fot the last few days. The difficulty in water pipes, at Anton Wagner's saloon; has been adjusted. When a man gets his nose knocked under his it is still the soente'r of his face Dublin Dan (John M. Burke) may be expected in this region sometime after next month. -During this hot weather, men with hand organs are particularly cautioned to keep xsl the streets.

Pkila. Herald. Mr. William Curtis, lately of Summit Hill, has assumed the superinteudenoy of W. D.

Zehner's Buck Mountain colliery. A young man, of Broad street, says he does not like babies- they're too unreliable. Perhaps he picked up aa unsound one. Why do not some of our young men have trade dollars made into silver buttons. They would agree with the present'styles.

Note tne changes made in the Philadelphia and Beading time-table annonnoed to-day. The new schedule runs from July 28, 1879, Because a paper is large is no sign it is good no more than a big paunch indicates intelligence in a man. Terre Haute Courier, The awning over the saloon of Peter Dersohuck and store of Mr. Schleppy, is about oompleted, aad reflects credit on all concerned in its erection. A game of euchre between the seasons Spring passes, summer makeB its next, autumn orders it up, and winter runs the game out.

Exchange. The repair hands of the Lehigh Valley Railroad are engaged in opening up a culvert on Church street, near the depot, the same having been blocked In talking to our mechanics about town, we find they all agree that the year 1879 has been the most prosperous of any since 1874. May it so continue. Emma Abbot's English Opera Troupe is announced to visit Wilkesbarre on October 1st A con cert is, alro, contemplated in Uazleton" during theJ The contract for sinking No, 6 slope has been awarded by Messrs. Pardee to Messrs.

John Lapp and Chas. Drumtra, who have already commenced operations. -rMrs. Lydia Scbreck is building quite an addition to the rear of her house, on West Broad street, vicb, when oompleted, will add a great deaLto its beauty and convenience, Through the carelessness ef an attendant, a UttieCchild was, almost run over by one of this mornmgstrainB. at the Mine street crossing.

Only the prompwork of a gentleman passing aloDg saved the little one from a terrible death Peter Herdic cannot be found, therefore processes fail and 'requisitions are He is believed to beimmensely wealthy yet be has got a fine old father-in-law, whose advice is worth a mine of braass at least to anyone in Heretic's present situation. I i THE WEATHER. IndicationB For the Middle States partly cloudy weather, and areas of rain, with south to west winds and no change in tne temperature. i HUNTING HI3. FRIENDS.

W. A. Swan, the old Bepublican war-horse, came to town last evening and is looking up his chances for nomination as Clerk of the Courts, BUI is a genial, whole-Bouied fellow, and makes hosts of friends wherever he goes. FINE WURK. Mr.

Peter Kellmer, of this place, has now on exhibition, some very fine specimens of the photographic art. A visit to his gallery will prove an enjoyable treat to acy one who has the leisure time to devote thereto. i PROSPECTING. W. G.

AudenrieJ, of Philadelphia, with H. W. Morgan, civil and mining engineer, are prospecting on the Audenried track, near Tuscarora, search-iog for the Palmer vein. If the report is favorable a new colliery will be located at once. I 0 MAY IT BE.

It is ucderBtood that CoL Reynolds will do his best to make the 9th the crack regiment in the State. Certainly he has excellent material, and we have no doubt that he will be ably seconded by the commissioned officers and men of tbe command. i LEAVING TOWN, Rev. H. Gilbert leaves town to-day for his new charge at Host onville, Fulton county, Pa.

He takes with him tbe sincere wiehes of bis friends for his full success in the field of labor to whioh te has been cdledand if euWseartfeKieal in tbe cause can ccianmd success it will bo A Jb. FATLED IN HI3 tCHEMR. Doub Jess tirei arcund doing notLicg, horce attached to one of our grocery wagons started off on an inkpec Jei-t trip, jester liy afer-nooa. He only made a start, however, for an 6b- rromntly stepped uvfcia vy acd pf fled a osalHa of operation The eleventh annual meeting of the Pennsylvania State Dental Society convened at the Water Gap House, Do laware Water Monro yesterday at ten o'clock a. m.

Dr. Hertz, of this place. Is in attendance, V. 1 i 1 i 4 FOUND THEIR MATES. Miss Clara E.

this place, on Wednes-) fay tf last week, allied her fortune with those' off Mr. Wfesley J. Creany, of ngatloaf townahip. The! happy eoupie nave in Dest ox utev numer- ous friends that Fortune may mors frequently smile! than frown upon them. 'A- 4 11 ') 11 WHITE BUTTttB IN BUMMER.

The cause of butter becoming lighter colored in Bummer, in the change in the feed when the pas-i tures begins to dry up. The best farmers use Wells, Biohardson Perfected Butter Colors as soon as needed to keep up the June standard of oolor. Sold by druggists. 1 THE BOROUGH SUPPLY. There are eighteen boroughs, in Luzerne as fpllows Ashley, Dallas, Parsons, antlooke Hazleton, Hughestown, Pittftton, West New Oolumbas, Shickshinny, Plymouth, KingstosV White Haven, Jeddo, Pleasant Valley Sugar Notch Freeland and YatesviUe.

s- A SOURCE OF BENEFIT. Tbe recent rains are calling out expressions of thanks from the farmers throughout the Had the droucrhth. which thev ended, lasted muoh tonrar manv crons would have been almost totail failures. Now, however, everthing is freshened up and the prospects of agriculturists, like those of' manufacturers, are bright and pleasant. AFTER THE FAIR.

7 The Pdctsviile Miners" Journal, about a month after Detective Grim has returned from investigating the case and denied the identity of the man, An pubhshes the'Humpty Plynn story and announces 1 Journalist io enterprise is that, on tbe part of a usually bright paper. Spmebody on its staff wants shaking 1 UNNECESSARY WORK. Some 'weather prophet has already predicted' that "next winter will be a mild one, with only a few cold days in January, and some crisp weather about the middle of This fellow is bothering his head about something that people are not interested in at present, as they are per-, fectly content to wait for what "Prob. may furnish. A LOSING JOKE, 5 A prominent physician of Pittsburgh said jokingly to a lady patient who was complaining ot her continued ill health, and of his to cure her, "try Hop Bitters Tha hdy took it in earnest and used the Bitters, from which the obtained permanent health.

Sho now laughs at the doctor, or his joke, but he is not so well pleased with it, as It cost him a good patient p. Vi 1 BAD BUSINESS, We commend the strong language of the Bulletin, of yesterday, in of those young tiVmna who have been aducingr the fair fame of 'our ladies. A treat to tar and feathers and a free ride on, the sharp end of a rail would be about the right thing for such scamps. Our contemporary might be a little more explicit on the matter, however, and give the offenders a full expose, furnishing names Such characters deserve no mercy whatever. 'r'i i DON'T: WASTE POWDER.

i The Bcranlon Sepublican amuses itself, oyer the fact that quite an earnest effort is bein made1 by somo" parties in- Wilkesbarre nominate D. O. JOaes, of Brewery Hill, for'Qerk of the Courts, while he has never been a citizen. Come, gentlemen, we have enough naturalized citizens who are willing to sacrifica thcneelvc jogging from the host of candidates. Do not W4te any time, therefore, In plowing up unprofitable sf FIGHTING FOR The Wilkesbarre correspendent ef the Scranton Republican is making an able Sght for, improvement in tue sanuary concuuon vi an aau ue iutuuiw his side of, the case with and statistics that seem almost uiideniible, la face of the same it seems strange any cltizeua of Wilkesbarre are jund in opposition, for health is one of the jewels that most people prize above all ofhersT Thanks to intelligent and public-spirited cdcials, Hazleton is in a sanitary condition to be proud of.

ABRUPTLY OUSTED." William Thompson of this vicinity was noticed to make a very uncereconioua exit fromadenu-tnoBde Uff 1 on Wjomitg street, Monday evewng.and Lio BciJe himself on the pavement for meditation The suspicious projection if a boot, with a leg in it, "through tho doorway causedns to make icquuies, and we found that William bad been imbibing too much, which made him troublesome, hence his abrupt retirement Beyond a "aevtre' bikfcg up, William bad suffered no is jury; so with a lilUe as-sistatca he rcse from thd pavement and quietly eauctereoC I 1 An Ohio editor frees his mind by saying: "It high toned journaLsm conaiflts in saying nothing for or againat anybody or anything then I say good Lord deliver us from such milk and water, sawdus broad institution as a high-toned journal. Boldii speech, bold in action, is what honest, Wependen men need. Time will tell whether the freo-eoule or the slavish beat represent lifs.1 '80 say we Uiveuelree thought and a free pen above all things. He is no men who has not an opinion 04 all subjects and the courage to express the same, Am WORD OF INFORMATION. 1 1 1 We received yesterday a two-page letter from Wilkesbarre, solsly devoted to.4 advocacy the o'aims of a gentleman from that city to a nomlna- tio for ot the nd, strange to relate we VTen "P60 thus advertise the' goLtlema4 freof oliar80' Now we did formerly enjoy work ing for peopie coat way rree, gratis, ror notning-4 but the last time our friends got us out of the poot4 house, they insisted on our disoontinuing the proof tioe so we did.

Hence, for the information of all ODoerned, we would say that our advertising rate! are low but still they are rates and we insist on their prepayment. nil 1 I 'y warming up. P'" The waters of the political cauldron, in this vicinity, are becoming heated at last. The Demo-i crats hold their meeting next Saturday for the eleo tion of delegates to the county convention, and much interest is felt as to the gentlemen in whose behalf they are likely to be pledged. So far, the! tide seems to set in favor of tttanley Woodward, for tne odgeship.

If the office is to be filled by a Dewoorat, we know of none such better qualified: ror 106 PBltwn he let ot to talontar JlSaJt mial ai a.tis Btrict probity as a man, and credited with the ability to decide cases upon their merits only, unbiased by friendship or influence. -S--i 1 A PRINTING REINFORCEMENT. v) Mr. 0 won Fowler, of Biverside, near Danville, aonea 01s nat an our sauoium whi evening, neu mU o. "aMaatl member of thsunnting fraternity and represent AnlfnA hia hut fcn nnr annnhim Inat AVAiiinc Ha id business of various kinds as flourishing around Danville.

Mr. M. P. Btfuer, a son of Bev, E. A.

Bauer, is visiting his friends in HazUton, He is a worthy representative of the "art preservative of arts'' and the "boys" gave him a good welcome. Among other printing arrivals in town, yester- Fla wtktt HTw 17(Ar1 sTlAwlWlr aI lLlOTttrin TVYY1 UUJl WlOtSJ S9M.M.9 A'lDIM VA AVUSA VI WVtHMWMI iVU his looks, he is faring well, as none more deserve todo. 1 i I I I i OF IMPORTANCE. This morning we were shown a letter, upon which was transferred from an enclosed note a fao simile of the note. The sheet upon which the letter was written was a printed head, with the statement ot the enclosure, such as large business firms Hence there was a clear space for the trans fer of tbe note and the same could have been used as a means of counterfeiting.

Tbe letter had been copied in a copying press and the paper was damp when the note was folded. The folding, sealing and pressing of the letter acted exactly as a press4 ing machine and writing on the note was transferred to the blank paper of the letter. Too much care cannot be exercised by the clerks and business men in preventing such a transfer. Zaslon Fret Press. 1 -i i CHANGING SCHOOL BOOK Lots of school book agents are infesting the ceunty and endeavoring with might and main to in-dace school board to discard old kinds of books and substitute new ones; To do this, is nor, in our opinion, either wise or just to either pupils or parents, and last, but not least, 'to our.

booksellers. Having onoe adopted a good system of books, and there are many of them, let the boards of education retain the same. It is not right that parents should be required, to invest their cash (not often -over- plentiful) in books for their children one term only to find them valueless at tne opening ot the next, for though publishers of books offer to exchange old for new, at (he commencement ofterni, not more than two-fifths are thus exchanged, and the burden of expense falls on the parents, who are compelled to have the books or keep their children home. Again, it is unfair to our home dealers, who put their capital in books previously used, to have their stock laid on their hands. or disposed of at a heavy discount on its cost It has been truly said that among tbe greatest enemies of the common sobools are the book agents and the changing of school books.

PRESENT TAX LAW. The new tax law of Pennsylvania compels- 'railroad and transportation oompanies, besides their dividend tax, to pay a tax on gross receipts, and companies mining coal to pay a special tax on that Home insurance companies are taxed on their foreign insurance companies, banks, and all corporate and unincorporated fiscal agencies, on their net earnings, and a fixed tax of four mills on the dollaV is levied on all evidences of debt publio or private. Corporations in general are taxed three mills on the dollar on the par value of their stock, if a 6 per cent dividend is declared, and less or more as the dividends are larger or smMler. A tax of three nulls oa the dollar on that valuation' is levied if no dividends are declared, all profits kepi by the company being treated as dividends. The tax-ea transportation comrtnits is eight-tenths of 1 per cent oa gross receipts The specifications WO IW tW UGDI WHIH Ml, KUWUgU IW AO HUT 1.

ing to be corrected in any errors he may maksv As regards, the higher wages in Schuylkill county, II have assertained that the individual operators -are! paying 25 per cent bolow the basis for July. Ifl our strikers will figure that out tbey will find 8ohuyl- kill not far ahead of the Leblgh region, Laborers! wages on the basis are' $9 90, and miners, $311.40. As I said before, bo careful who you send as repre- sentatives, deal only in facts, and you will benefit and ntritagd, at Miss A. M. Gerlock's.

tS" Peters will" furnish ice cream 'for festivals and pio-nio parties at' low figures. M4ke your ar raneementi with him at an earlvdav. 4 a CTMiss A. M. Geflock has rf turned from the! city, where she purchased and in stock at her millinery Btci'in post' ofBce building, the largest and best stock of Milliuery Goods in town.

8For a fine picture of yourself, wife or children, call at the photograph rooms of Mr. Peter Kellmer, on Bxoad street quantity of ice Cream, Confectionory and Cakes urniBhed at abort notice to parties for festivals, pio-nios, at Peters', I 0Miss Agnes JL Hart has opened a Paris Dressmaking and Millinery Establishment; west end, of Broad srretot, Uazleton. Work warranted. Prices moderate (3 Peaches, Ve have made arrangements, by which we will receive three carloads of Peaches each week, 'commencing about August 15. Storekeepers and Hucksters 'are invited to call and get particulars.

These Peaches will be direct from Delaware, and twenty-four hours from the time they were on the trees, A J. Swaluc, 1 BLEX BOOK FOR THE SICK. A free book of nearly 100 large octavo pages for the sick. Full of valuable notes on Scrofula Diseases of the Breathing Organs Dieeasesof Men; Diseases of Women i. Aches and Pains Heart Troubles, and a great variety of Cebonic Diseases, with evidence that in most cases these diseases are curable.

Send for one stamp. Address, MUBRAY HrtL PtTB. Maroh27m6. No. 129 F.

28th St, N. i 'This dread duease is as much to be feared as the yellow fever. Its dreadful ravages in the part yhould put people on theirs guard to prevent its getting a foothold during the dog days. Below we give an endorsement from Judge Hardmg as to the remedial effects of Dr. Urquhart'a "Cholera Cor-.

t. rf." Wilkesbabbe, 1879. Da. UrQCHAET My Dear Sir I am induced to drop you tout note, Lot bo' much for the purpose of lauding the virluos of your Cholera but rather for the purpose of assuring the public, that it is a remedy of almost unspeakable vilne. For fifteen years and upwards I have not' been without iA Not only has it been kept in my house for family use, but I never go from borne without taking at least one bottle with me.

It has repeatedly been tbe means of spoedy relief to suffering traveling companions and etrangers on tbe railway, by the seaside, at summer reports, at the fisherman's aad tba hunters cabin. It is an incomparable remedy for tbe ills at which it is. especially No man, vman or family should be without it. Very "tru! yours, -July2i 43.1 mmri- Otumcx M. Uixmsa.

DON" TO THE re you BSAfiHORE unless you are you need a tonic to over- coxae' tL di-rc on CAUifrd by tt.9 Summer teat use the oekbrat Ii has wor.3erful lavijoratiag frcj ncttJI rin- the long run. MARRIED. CREASY the 23d inst, at the parsonage qf the Beformed Church, Conyng- ham, by Bev. John M. Clemens; Ma.

Wislxt J. Cueasy, of Sugarloaf township, and Miss Claba E. NuNOKSsiBi'of Hazleton. DBASHFB EEMP. At the residoncfl of Mr.

Adam Beisel, Butler Valley, on tho 26th by Bev. John ML. Clemens, Mb. Auxandkb Dbashxb and Miss Sabah Louisa of Butler Valley. HAZLETON KITCHEN MABRET- Hazlztow, July it, 18t9 Green track arriving but high.

Butter and Eggs are in pood demand. Apples scarce. The rates for atandard artlolea i WBt salA Potatoes, per $LW Butter, lb Egffs, tJ Hms, ft Rhonlder. B) 1.0-iUT naaon. ft.t .0 .,10 Dry salt, shoulder Lard, Mess pork Mackerel, No.

1... Codflsh, Apples, greoa, per bu. LOO Cheese, factory, prime -la Csbbage, per hd .08 r- 1 financial; .06 10 .10 X5, CiORiKa Pkxoks ef De Haven A Townsend. No. AO South Third btocka bought and sold either ior cwur margin.

Bid CiirrpTJicy 6 "S's, 1881. nPW '4 Us ptnsylvAni B. Pennevrrahia and Reading I Leaigh Valley R. Lehw Coal and Un'teJ H. f- aad Caad Cj Kortrn Central E.

Ci. Hetouriila Pmxs. K. R. Pitts Tit A Buff.

R. h. Cntral 3ortherU P-- iTtl Silver, (Trade). Pilver, ana s. 1045 13 101' 13 143 17 i4s'' ts ljnti Ana a.

i-r-liquors. -lie' is it if prr.

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